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Ortiz Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor with more than 20 years of industry experience. We provide a broad variety of domestic and industrial roofing services to our local customers. We can work with all kinds of roofing materials and styles.

If you 'd like a complimentary quote for any of our roofing services, please contact our team at (909) 884-6320.

Our Rancho Cucamonga Roofing Services

We help our clients access any of the roofing services they need. At Ortiz Roofing, we offer all types of roofing solutions. Let's explore our service options in more detail:

Industrial Roofing Services: If you own an industrial home, you need a roof that can protect your company. We provide commercial roof installation, repair, and upkeep to our clients.

Roof Maintenance Services: Roofing maintenance can help you avoid future roof problems. Our roof maintenance staff will inspect the different parts in your roof and repair any concealed faults.

Roof Repair Services: If you wish to fix a roofing issue, it's crucial to contact a roofer before you experience extra property damage. At Ortiz Roofing, we have more than two decades of roof repair experience-- we can repair any type of roofing issue. Call our office as soon as you see signs of roofing damage.

Commercial Roofing Services: Commercial roofs require a industrial roofer. We offer commercial roof repair, installation, and maintenance to our clients. We can manage commercial roofing jobs of any size!

New Roof Services: If you need to change a roof on an existing home or small company, our brand-new roof services offer streamlined installation. It's never been less complicated to upgrade your home's roof. We're also pleased to offer suggestions on the very best roofing products for your budget and tastes.

Roof Inspection Services: Roof inspections can help you determine possible faults in shingles, tiles, and other roofing elements. Whether you need an inspection to verify an insurance claim, check for damage after a storm, or contest the conclusion of an insurance company, our roofing specialists are here to make the process economical and straightforward.

New Construction Roofing: If you're building a brand-new property, you need a roofing contractor to immediately complete your new roof. We can work with your building specialists to guarantee that your construction job is completed on time.

Hot Mop Roofing Services: If you want extra security for your roof, our hot mop services are an excellent service. Our staff will apply a hot asphalt layer underneath a bitumen cap sheet. This is an incredibly durable type of roofing-- and it continues to be popular with our clients.

Residential Roofing Services: If you need roofing services for your property or home, our residential roofing services are the perfect solution. We provide domestic roof repair, installation, and upkeep. We've helped many homeowners in our service location.

Our Roof Types

At Ortiz Roofing, we pride ourselves on working with a variety of roofing products. Unlike other roofing companies, we're more than delighted to work with the materials that match your preferences. Let's explore all the roofing products we can provide to our customers:

Shingle Roofs: Shingle roofs provide a conventional aesthetic to home owners. If you're looking for any type of shingle roof, our staff at Ortiz Roofing is here to help.

Cool Roofs: Cool roofs are designed to retain less heat, which can reduce your energy expenses and help you protect the environment. This type of roofing is also known for its long life-span, as it doesn't experience the same amount of sun damage as other types of roofing.

Flat Roofs: If your structure requires a flat roof, we have the materials to make the task successful. Connect with our flat roof team if you 'd like more information about this distinct roofing choice.

Wood Shake Roofs: If you're looking for a rustic aesthetic, wood shake roofs continue to be a popular option. At Ortiz Roofing, we've helped numerous customers take advantage of this special roofing material.

Asphalt Roofs: Asphalt roofing remains one of the most common roofing choices for a number of our customers. If you're looking for a roof material that's durable, economical, and offers traditional aesthetic advantages, then call Ortiz Roofing about our asphalt roofing options.

Composite Roofs: Composite roofing provides versatility and resilience. Many composite roofing manufacturers likewise offer outstanding guarantees on their roofing products. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Ortiz Roofing if you 'd like to discover more about composite roofing.

Tile Roofs: If you're looking for a resilient roofing material that's resistant to rot and other types of decay, tile roofing is an exceptional solution. We can install and repair a broad variety of tile roofing materials.

Slate Roofs: Slate roofing continues to grow in popularity with customers that are seeking a nature-based home design. Our slate roof choices can entirely transform your house or small business's look.

Why Choose Ortiz Roofing?

Selecting the very best roofing contractor is important if you want your next roofing project to run efficiently. At Ortiz Roofing, we have years of experience offering reliable roofing solutions to our local customers. Let's explore why we continue to be the most popular roofing business in our service area:

  • We have more than 20 years of roofing experience.
  • We're a single source for both domestic and commercial roofing services.
  • We can work with all types of roofing products.
  • We're a locally owned company with a passion for our customers.
  • We have connections with the very best roofing suppliers in the industry.
  • Our roofing contractors are licensed and insured.
  • We will not charge you for an estimate.
  • Customer satisfaction is a leading concern at Ortiz Roofing.

If you 'd like to find out more about Ortiz Roofing, feel free to call our office today. We're constantly here to address questions about our roofing services!

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Being equally as essential as the foundation, flooring, framework, and walls, the roof is also crucial to a sound structure and enlisting the services of a reputable roofing company is paramount if and when it gets damaged or is compromised in some way. With the ever-changing advancements in online recruitment in the roofing industry, hiring a roofing contractor has been made very quick and convenient; however, there are several pitfalls any unwary home or business owner may fall prey to.

In our experience on both ends of the spectrum as the property owner and the roofing company in charge of a roofing project, our experts at Ortiz Roofing and Construction have happily taken the time to compile a comprehensive checklist any property owner would do well with heeding the next time they are seeking the services of a professional roofing company.

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Great family owned company, very reliable. Sharon is awesome
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Lina Espinoza
Excellent Service! Very professional and reliable roofing service in the area. Thank you so much for the great service. Highly Recommend.
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Link Pereira
I'm very satisfied. Thank you so much for fixing my roof. You guys are very professional and reliable. Great roofing service company!
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